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Training Program: Qualified Basic Rigger Level I

Effective November 8, 2010 a qualified rigger is required while hooking, unhooking or guiding a load that is being lifted. Riggers are also required whenever workers are in the fall zone or during hoisting activities for crane assembly and disassembly. This requirement is mandatory in accordance with the new OSHA crane standard, 29 CFR 1926.1400.

How will you qualify your employees?

Rent-A-Crane, Inc. is now offering training classes to qualify your employees in basic rigging principles. In this 8-hour course, we will cover the basics of rigging to include the following:

  • Pre-use rigging inspection
  • Requirements and responsibilities of a qualified rigger
  • Inspection and identification of wire rope slings, chain slings, web slings, continuous slings, shackles, hooks, eye bolts, hoist rings, lifting beams and more.
  • Safe rigging practices and proper load security
  • Correct technique for applying sling hitches
  • Proper method to interpret rigging capacity charts for load planning
  • Procedures for working safely around power lines

What is a typical class like?

Qualification classes are based on an 8-hour day. Classes start promptly at 7:00 am, and instruction, hands-on training and examples are given throughout the morning. When we return from lunch, there will be a short review/question and answer period before the written exam. After the written exam, there will be individual practical exams to gauge the applicant’s qualification status. Written exams may be given in Spanish upon request.

What will I receive?

In addition to the valuable skills you receive, successful participants will obtain a photo qualification card. Applicants will also receive a Rigger Level I safety manual and a pocket-sized rigger capacity card.

How long is the qualification good for?

Basic Rigger Level I qualification is good for five years. After this initial time period, applicants may choose to renew this qualification for a further five years, or continue on to the NCCCO Rigger I & II Certification. Reminders will be sent to candidates one year before their expiration date.

How do I register?

To register: 1) Call (703) 372-2444, 2) Fax the registration form to (703) 372-2995, or 3) email the registration form to After your form is received, you will be contacted with a confirmation and more detailed information about training.